Clif Barfield calls the dances, and demonstrates them with Pennie when required. Once the dances aer going ok, he switches to Applatian dulcimers or Whistle

He plays Appallachian Dulcimers and a scary lot of blowdowns - clarinet, whistle, cornamuse, recorder, spanish shawm, english medieval bagpipes, diatonic clarinet, and border pipes. He now has a tenor saxophone, but the noise produced when feeding it means that it mostly stays in its cage.

This is his first band (where has he been hiding?) - except that he once played in a scratch band with Martin (Maggot Fingers) Allcock and maintains that the band were collectively, gloriously, awful.

He also plays for Morris dancing (confusingly), and dances, or rather, in his case, bounces, quite high in the air. He has been a member of several Morris teams, notably Horwich (well thought of), Wrigley Head (least said soonest mended), Medlock, Earl of Stanford's, Lady Leofric's Cross Morris (apparently quite good-natured, despite the name). Currently trying to find enough dancers to play at Longsword

He used to do stuff for Buzz in Manchester and teaches Oldham and the Werneth Shuttle dance at workshops unless stopped.

Also plays with toy trains and has a large collection of anoraks.

cliff barfield playing appalachian dulcimer at barn dance