These are the more unusual instruments we play, with a bit of an explanation of each:


This is a bellows instrument, akin to the accordian and concertina. The two-row diatonic melodeon that Pennie uses can play in two major keys, D and G. They will also play in other keys, notably Em and Am, but A is also possible.


Pennie plays a Hohner 2 row or a Salterelle for bookings and occasionally a Castagnari.

Appalachian dulcimer

This isn't the dulcimer made famous by Coleridge in his poem about Kubla Khan, but a relative from the American Appalachian mountains. It's a diatonic fretted instrument - that is, it doesn't have a fret at every semitone interval like a guitar, but at the intervals of a normal Western diatonic scale. Clif plays six-string instruments with the strings tuned in three pairs, which, due to the layout of the frets, will only play in one key. Clif uses two, one tuned to D and the other to G (which, eagle-eyed readers will note, are the same keys as Penni's melodeons).