Pennie has been playing for ceilidhs for years and was previously with the Only Original Pop and Squeeze band, the Penn Ceilidh Band, and Running on Empty. She can squeeze for England and has shoulder muscles like a navvy!

As well as playing melodeons Pennie plays Old Time banjo and is one of the earliest members of the Friends of American Music and Dance, and plays English Concertina for the John Moore Quire (she insists that it used to be spelt that way, and considering that Shakespeare didn't know how to spell his own name, that's not impossible) of West Gallery Singers. Just to show she doesn't rest on her laurels, she has now started to play fiddle.

She also plays for a team of Morris dancers (although it's best to keep quiet about that) and was a founder member of Holdens Goldens and started the famous Barley Morris. She has also danced with and played for Old Peculiar, Merrydale, and Black Adder Morris. She used to edit (with Tam Walker) the Morris Mirror, and Dancing On.

If she isn't stopped, she paints pictures and writes plays.